Profile PictureDorian Caine (aka Rozario Sanguinem)

Sup, I'm Dorian Caine (aka Rozario Sanguinem) and this is my gumroad! I'm a queer, disabled, and trans creative living in rural Appalachia. I draw and write a lot of different things but as a general rule, my works are centered around themes of alienation, monstrosity, taboo, nonconventional intimacy, and self acceptance -- with a generous helping of horror on both a personal and cosmic scale. These things are often explored through various and sometimes disturbing lenses such as dominance and submission, nonconsent/reluctance, bodily transformation, and other transgressive/taboo relationships, cannibalism/vampirism, violent crime, mind-control, and just general monster-fuckery.


The Dinner Party: The Hunt, A Fully Illustrated E-Book

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Enthralled - Illustrated e-book

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