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Sup, I'm Dorian Caine (aka Rozario Sanguinem) and this is my gumroad! I'm a queer, disabled, and trans creative living in rural Appalachia. I draw and write a lot of different things but as a general rule, my works are centered around themes of alienation, monstrosity, taboo, nonconventional intimacy, and self acceptance -- with a generous helping of horror on both a personal and cosmic scale.

These things are often explored through various and sometimes disturbing lenses such as dominance and submission, nonconsent/reluctance, bodily transformation, and other transgressive/taboo relationships, cannibalism/vampirism, violent crime, mind-control, and just general monster-fuckery.

Enthralled Cover Art

Enthralled - Early Release Edition Available on Patreon & Subscribestar!

A Small Art Dump

Happy New Years ♥

The Preparations Available for All Tiers of Patrons!

Mirror Lie To Me (cw: implied self-harm)

Adam: Forced Submission (CW: Dubious Consent, minor violence, blood)

Dinner Party Part Two Illustration: Morgan Gets Stuffed (CW: Minor Gore, implied cannibalism, blood)

WIP Illustration

Dinner Party Pt.2 Illustration Preview

Updates + ideas for the illustration style for Nocturnal Creatures

A Quick Personal Update

Apologies for disappearing for so long...

The Mimic Incident...

Happy 2022!

Nocturnal Creatures Chapter Seven Now Available to Members!

The Beast Within Pt. 2 posted to Members Blog!

Valeryan Serafir Portrait

The Midnight Court: Chapter One -- Now Available to Members~!

Announcing: The Midnight Court (An Erotic Fantasy Romance)

NC Chapter Six Now Available to Members!

NC Chapter Five Now Available to Members!

Nocturnal Creatures Chapter Four Now Available to Members!

Nocturnal Creatures Chapter Three Now Available to Members!

Nocturnal Creatures Chapter Two now Available to Members!

Nocturnal Creatures Chapter One Now Available to Members Only!

Nocturnal Creatures Prologue Now Available To Members-Only!

Announcement about Nocturnal Creatures!

Midnight Court Drabble Posted to Members Blog

All The Lord's Men Posted to Members Blog

Current Projects...

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